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Booking Terms and Conditions


You will have made your booking by clicking on the link “Availability and Prices” in the “Prices and Bookings” section of this website. This will have taken you to the “” web site. 

Please refer to “Booking Information” at the foot of their page and to “Terms and Conditions”; refer to “Booking Conditions” and click on the link. 

You are required on behalf of your party to read these conditions,  which will govern your stay at Drovers’ Cottage. 

The following are covered:

  1. Contractual Information including Payment.
  2. Changes and Cancellations.
  3. Arrival and Departure.
  4. Behaviour by your Party.
  5. Maximum Occupancy.
  6. Parties and Celebrations.
  7. Pets.
  8. Damage, occasioned by you and your party.
  9. Right of Entry.

The following are included for ease of reference, clarity and completeness.  We, the Owners of Drovers Cottage are referred to as “us” or “we”, and the person making the booking and all members of the holiday party are referred to as “you”.

  1. Age
    We require the party leader to be no younger than 18 years of age at the time of booking.  We will require names, adresses and contact details of all in the party.
  2. Arrival and Departure
    You may access Drovers’ Cottage from 4pm on the day of arrival. Departure is by 10am on your final day.
  3. Use
    You may only use Drovers’ Cottage for the purpose of a holiday during the holiday period, and not for any longer period. You must not use the Cottage for any dangerous, offensive, noxious, noisy, immoral activities or carry on there any act that may be a nuisance or annoyance to us or other neighbouring properties.
  4. Legal Relationship
    The agreement to stay in Drovers’ Cottage for the holiday period does not create the relationship of Landlord and Tenant between us and you.  You shall not be entitled to a new tenancy, or to any assured short-hold or assured tenancy or any statutory protection under the Housing Act 1988 or other statutory security of tenure now or at the end of the Holiday Period.
  5. Condition on departure
    You are required to leave the accommodation in a clean and tidy condition. This includes washing up, placing rubbish in bin liners and putting these in bins ouside, and ensuring ovens are clean and free from grease.
  6. Maximum Occupancy
    Under no circumstances may more than the maximum number of eight people be exceeded, unless by prior arrangement with us. We reserve the right to refuse admittance if this condition is not observed.
  7. Liability
    We do not accept responsibility for injury to persons or loss/damage to possessions unless caused by proven negligent act or omission of ourselves, our employees or contractors, or agents of the same, whilst acting in the course of their employment. This includes loss or damage to vehicles and their contents, and personal possessions your party brings with you.  You must take all necessary steps to safeguard yourselves and your property, including your vehicles and contents.
  8. Care of Our Property
    You are responsible for Drovers’ Cottage and contents during your stay and are expected to take all reasonable care of its furniture, pictures, fittings and effects. You must leave them in the same state of repair and in the same clean and tidy condition at the end of the rental period as at the beginning.
  9. Damages
    You are legally bound to reimburse us for replacement or repair of damaged items or extra cleaning costs on demand.
  10. Right of Entry
    We or our employees shall be allowed reasonable right of entry to the property at all reasonable times for purposes of inspection or to carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance.
  11. Smoking
    Drovers Cottage is strictly non-smoking (including e-cigarettes). Smoking is permitted in designated outdoor areas only, but we ask that stubs are contained and disposed of safely and not on the ground.
  12. Pets
    Dogs, cats, or other pets, except guide dogs or hearing dogs, are not allowed inside the property.
  13. Absence
    Please telephone Dallowgill Estate Office on 07486 442654 and speak to Annette if you decide to leave the property before the end of your stay or if you will be leaving the property unoccupied overnight.

We hope you will have an enjoyable stay at Drovers’ Cottage. If you have any problem or cause for complaint, it is essential that you contact us immediately to give us the chance to resolve it while you are on site.  We value your custom and want you to return.

If you have any questions about our terms of booking, please contact use at: